Ed Kuzma is dropping off the "Adopt a Senior" gifts at the Salvation Army.
Every year the Association adopts needy seniors through the Salvation Army's "Adopt a Senior" program. Check out the gallery photos to see the shoppers dropping their gifts off to be delivered to the Salvation Army.
Lancaster Kellogg Retirees Association Purpose Statement
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The Lancaster Kellogg Retirees Association’s purpose is: A. To provide the retirees with meal and meeting opportunities. B. Allow the retirees to hear general interest speakers. C. To provide the retirees with an occasional special event. D. Have the retirees sponsor, host and/or participate in programs and activities that promote the community well-being. Some of the things that we do to accomplish this is every year we sponsor needy senior citizens through the Salvation Army’s “adopt a senior” program. We also try to mainly have 501c3 speakers for our meetings and we always give them a donation and take a collection. Twice a year we have special events which are for members only. In May, we have our picnic and have entertainment, Product handout and door prizes. At the end of the year, we go to the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre to have dinner and see a show. All Lancaster Kellogg employees are welcome to come to any of our ”regular” meetings, pre- and post-retirement, to see what we are all about without having to join first. Only members are invited to the special events or are allowed to vote on any issues concerning the Association.
Nov. 15 Meeting Photo
We took a picture of the Board members giving a donation to the Pa. Wounded Warriors following their presentation.
October 2022 Retiree Meeting
Here's a group photo from the October 2022 retiree meeting. Kellogg plant manager David Wright spoke with the retirees about the happenings at the Lancaster plant.


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